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Hi, my name is Jerry Gross, but I go by ‘J.R.’.  I have always been fascinated by tattoos’ and art.  I got my first professional tattoo on my 18th birthday.

I moved to New York City after high school and attended the School of Visual Arts, and eventually started a tattoo apprenticeship with Eddie ‘Mad Dog’ in the Coney Island/Brooklyn area.  After a short stint with him I moved back to the Orlando area.  I then started a one-year tattoo apprenticeship with Jorge and Bear at Trinity Tattoo.

I have been working at Tattoo Time for Sailor Bill ever since, starting in February 2009.  Give me a call or stop by to discuss any type of tattoo you are looking for.

I enjoy doing traditional style, graffiti work and custom lettering.  I can also draw a custom design that you may want.  Some of my biggest artistic influences are from the art of Robert Williams, Pushead, Jack Rudy, Dali, Sailor Jerry and Todd McFarlane eg. Comic book art.  Thank you for reading my profile and I hope to see you soon.